Our Authors

Rachel A. – Rachel studies Applied Nutrition with a minor in Environmental Health. She is currently a junior and is obsessed with her dog, Luke.

Cayle A. – Cayle is currently a student of biology looking for a sense of place in the wasteland of civilization.

Kristina D. – Kristina is currently working on her master’s degree in English Literature from Ohio University. She enjoys blasting music through her computer’s crappy speakers and dancing when no one is looking. She hopes to one day return to the glistening waters and warm sands of the Philippines.

Wes E.  – Wes is an outdoor educator. The thrill of adventure and the learning from exploration drive him into some of the most remote parts of the world. He believes that we journey to the top of the world not just to be able to see the expansive valleys below, but also to realize through devotion and drive that anything is possible.

Mike J. – Mike Jung is a homesick twenty year old art student who hopes to graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design from Ohio University.

Maggie K. – Maggie Kane is a junior at Ohio University and is an Environmental Biology major. She would one day like to work on different conservation projects that range from the environment to sea turtle conservation. Go Bobcats!

Alicia K. – Alicia is currently studying psychology and sociology.  She is a critical thinker and is very organized.

Carly K. – Carly is an active member of two large organizations on Ohio University’s campus–Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, and Phi Chi Theta Professional Business Organization. She is good at thinking on her feet and enjoys being someone people can look up to which is why she seeks leadership positions in her affiliations.

Christian L. – Cristian is currently studying Biology.  Heated debates with friends have fine tuned his argumentative skills which carry over to the creative writing process.

Brandon M. – Brandon studies Environmental Health, which he enjoys. Someday he would like to obtain a career in water management and water quality.

Megan N. – Megan is in her junior year of study as an Anthropology major, with World Religions and Chemistry minors. She fills her free time with volunteer work, spending time in nature, and involvement in a variety of student organizations.

Marc S.  – Frank [sic] is currently in his third-year of studying Engineering Technology and Management. As a Pennsylvania native, he is clueless as to how he got so damn lost that he wound up in Southeastern Ohio. He additionally loves complaining about how high out-of-state tuition is. His future after graduation will probably involve landscaping and manual labor jobs because he’ll probably never find a real job. Maybe someone should have told him to come to college as a Construction major.

Chelsea S. – Chelsea currently works at The Farmacy, a natural food and health store off campus. She is also a marketing representative for Shagbark Seed & Mill, a local agribusiness in Athens. Every so often, she can be found helping Laurel Valley Creamery at the Athens Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

Karly S. – Karly is a Junior attending Ohio University and is currently studying to be a Middle Childhood Math and Science Teacher. She is also working towards getting her Environmental Certificate. Her alter ego is her mermaid self.

Jaymie T. – Jaymie is a senior undergraduate student currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Studies with focuses in public advocacy, environmental studies, and political science. In her free time she works on campus at the Office of Sustainability as the communications coordinator, enjoys snowboarding in the winter, and hanging out with friends.

Sam V. – Sam is currently studying Psychology at Ohio University. He is a third year varsity rower on the Men’s crew team and looks fantastic in his uni. His first published work was completed in fourth grade, in which he wrote about his football season, his love for Halloween and additionally, provided all the illustrations in a mix of crayon and colored pencil. The finished work was promptly purchased by his mother and currently resides in the guest bedroom of the Ventura home.

Max W. – Max is male homo sapiens of the caucasian persuasion. He is currently studying Chemical Engineering, and likes to read books that make him question life. R.I.P. Jerry Garcia.

Isaac Z.  – Isaac is a new resident of Athens, OH and is studying to be a music therapist at Ohio University. He enjoys gardening, reading, making music, and cooking with his wife and best friend, Julie Brewer.

Jessica Z. – Jessica Studies Environmental Biology. She plans on going into animal rescue after college.


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