Tankless Water Heaters

Every one is familiar with the conventional water heater. It hides in a storage space, closet or basement, holding gallons of hot water on standby 24/7. Obviously, a lot of energy is needed to keep this amount of water heated at a constant temperature, and even more energy is needed to replace the heated water once it is used. Considering hot water is the U.S. consumer’s third largest energy expense, a more energy-efficient water heater may be beneficial in the long run.

Tankless heaters conserve energy because they don’t hold hot water in reserve. Instead, when a hot water tap is turned on, water is heated by either a gas or electric burner. As a result, tankless water heaters deliver a constant supply of hot water without having to wait for a storage tank to fill up with enough hot water. Monthly heating bills are usually lower considering water is only heated on an as-needed basis. Resembling an average circuit breaker, they are definitely space-efficient as well, which is beneficial for those who have limited storage space.
Like many energy-saving appliances, tankless heaters are more expensive up-front. The average water heater costs about $300 to $400, while the tankless heater costs $800 to $1,000. But– Tankless water heaters also last longer! Manufacturers indicate a 20 year lifespan compared to the 10 years seen with conventional heaters. When a storage tank needs to be repaired, it is usually easier to replace it altogether; however, the tankless water heaters contain replaceable parts that can be easily repaired when a problem arises.
The old rental house I currently live in has a large water heater in the decrepit basement. If someone is showering and the dishwasher is running at the same, hot water is stretched to its limit. The tankless heaters have the same limitations, but to combat this issue, I suggest the following: take shorter showers or don’t shower at all (just kidding, hygiene is important sometimes); hand wash dishes; wear your t-shirts twice (you’ll like it, I swear).


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