Converting Your Diesel to run On Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO)

In the constant push to find sustainable living strategies we tend to overlook the impact our vehicle and the fuel it consumes have on our so called “sustainability”. The unfortunate truth is that when it comes to transportation forgoing the personal automobile is not a realistic option for many people. So what to do? Many choose to buy new cars that will travel further while polluting the environment then do others. Still others decide to use public transportation where it is available, all modern transportation systems are powered by petroleum or electricity generated by coal. As you can see, transportation is a difficult area of one life to clean up.

The common diesel engine offers a wonderful compromise between carbon emission and personal mobility. The first diesel engine prototype was designed to run on peanut oil! Everything from vegetable oil, to used motor oil, to transmission fluid can be run through a conventional diesel powered vehicle. Before you can pour your motor oil right back into the tank you must make a few modifications. Below is brief overview of the items that must be modified to make you diesel green.

Some logistics

A Step by step process of the conversion

As you can see there is no getting around the fact that there is some serious foot work and possible some networking involved here. Also do not be discouraged by the mechanical aspect of this project– there exists quite a widespread subculture of folks ring WVO, and there are more installers popping up every day. The best option is to find a local company or individual who will install your kit and form a relationship with them to help trouble shoot your special vegetable oil car issues in the future as many conventional mechanics are unfamiliar with the systems involved.

In my experience with these vehicles the work really pays off and you tend to meet a lot of ‘cool’ folks along the way. The option is there and if you have the energy to put into it you mind find the payoff to be more than a fatter pocketbook.

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