Movie Night: The Day after Tomorrow

               Hey you, yeah you, come here. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Boy, I’m really craving a movie right now, but not just any movie. I want to watch a movie that makes a statement about the global environmental crisis!” Well good news my friend, I have just the perfect film for you. It just so happens that about 9 years ago now a wonderful masterpiece graced this earth that you keep begging me to tell you about. The answer to all your worries and woes is to settle down with your choice of refreshment in your choice of cozy furnishing and pop in The Day After Tomorrow.

            Released in 2004 The Day After Tomorrow follows Jack Hall who is a paleoclimatologist who recently discovered a huge ice sheet that sheered off at the Polar caps. Concluding that global warming has reached a dangerous level, Jack announces his findings to the world, but no one is convinced by what he has to say and not even the United States of America will listen to him. Soon after though, it is shown that numerous buoys in the North Atlantic are measuring a huge drop in temperature in the ocean. Due to the huge change in temperature the world is hit by huge storms, including hurricanes of incredible size whose eyes contain freezing cold temperature, that flash freeze anything they come in contact with. The southern United States are evacuated to Mexico and the weather continues to get worth. The movie follows Jack’s son, who is stranded in the frozen wasteland that was Manhattan, which is impossibly cold and buried in snow. Survival comes in the form of holding up in a library burning books, eating food from a broken vending machine and avoiding the starving wolves who escaped from the zoo. I will not tell you how the rest of the movie pans out, you will have to figure out on your own, but all you need know is that the plot is as impactful as the storm that ravaged the city.

            Family and romantic drama aside this movie makes a statement about global warming that should be viewed by everyone. The accuracy behind how the weather unfolded may be in question, as the movie painted a very extreme picture, but that is to be expected from Hollywood. The importance behind this film is not to be exactly correct, but to show people the need for change that we as a culture have. We can not continue polluting our planet the way we have and expect it to not fight back. Sooner or later it will, whether it takes place in a way similar to The Day After Tomorrow or in a slower less dramatic event it comes down to the fact that we need the planet, the planet does not need us. If you are interested I learning more about the movie, which I hope you are, you can watch the trailer below.





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