Eco-Asceticism – Encounter

Watch this video, and see a brief reflection upon the the Buddhist practices of merging mediation and environmental awareness.

Buddhist tradition is not alone in its religious approach to sustainable living. Example can be found in Catholicism and Hinduism as well.

Kyle Kramer, an organic farmer from Indiana, has committed his home and his family to living close to the environment through rejection of the use of air conditioning and TV. He does not claim to suffer as much as many of those who cannot avoid luxuries in developing countries, but he recognizes that his family could utilize these electricity hogs if they so wanted-they dedicated however that due to their Catholic beliefs, their small acts of suffering would be beneficial not only to ease their ecologically conscience minds, but their spiritual wants as well.

“Removing the distractions or as my wife says getting the fog off the windshield,” Kyle says is the goal of his actions.

A sect of Hindu nuns and monks in India also practice eco-asceticism. This live they classify as a simple live. They find that rejecting material goods and in-necessities has brought them closer to the environment. Their spiritual cores are increased by living eco-consciously. Eco-asceticism in Hindu religion, calls to mind one of the cardinal principles in Hinduism: oneness in nature.

The Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist ideas of eco-asceticism are reviewed in the BCC program, Heart and Soul.

This program can be found here:

The emerging of religion and environmental consciousness is unique and fascinating. It is worthwhile for all who care for the environment to explore.

“Living simply so others can simply live,” is this the motivation that will propel you to make a lifestyle change which will make you more environmental friendly? Take a moment to watch these videos and see whether the same desire is moved within you.

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