Organic Ways to Repel Bugs

With summer just around the corner, we are all being reminded of what it brings with it–bugs. There are plenty of chemicals to repel these bugs that can be bought at almost any store, but why use harmful chemicals when you can use your own organic repellents?


To Repel Mosquitoes:

  1. Grow citronella plants, marigolds, ageratum, rosemary, and horsemint. Mosquitoes do not enjoy the smells of these plants and will stray away from areas where they are grown.
  2. Make your own bug spray of rosemary, mint, and basil, and mix it with hot water. Spray it around you or directly on your skin.
  3. Another great option for your own bug spray is parsley mixed with apple cider vinegar.
  4. Keep open water away. Mosquitoes love water and are very attracted to areas where water is located. Water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so the less open water around, the better
  5. Fabric softener sheets can be hung up or rubbed on skin to keep the mosquitoes away.

To Repel Flies:

  1. Take a lemon or an orange and poke holes in it with a clove. The flies do not like the spice in the cloves and will stray away from these areas. You could also use clove oil instead.
  2. Grow or buy bay leaves and keep them in areas where flies are a problem. The vapors in bay leaves can repel insects and even kill them.
  3. Grow or buy lavender. This smells great to us, but does not appeal to flies.

To Repel Ants:

  1. Vinegar. You can spray areas where ants are an issue, or leave cups of vinegar out.
  2. Basil or mint. These will work to repel ants as well as mosquitoes.
  3. Chalk. If you draw lines of chalk in areas of your home where ants are prevalent, the ants will usually not cross those lines.

To Repel Wasps and Bees:

    1. Baby powder. Put baby powder near where the bees are nesting. This will hopefully make them leave their hives and go somewhere else, away from your home.
    2. Make a mix of orange oil and water. Spray it around the outside of your home as well as near the bee’s hive.
    3. Fabric softener sheets. Hang them up around the yard and the bees should stay away.

Organic bug repellents are simple to make and much less toxic than store-bought repellents. These repellents are a great way to keep the bugs away!


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