Durable Furniture from Abundant Poly Milk Crates

Plastic milk crates are an abundant and readily available product and they have many uses beyond the transportation of milk. They can be purchased legally from online retailers for less than 10$. They can also be harvested from many urban environments where they are discarded frequently. At this price they are a viable building material for the consumer who is looking for durability and versatility. Combined with some inexpensive ratchet straps (see picture below) and some planning, one can create permanent furniture and storage solutions. The straps allow you to tightly secure the crates in the configuration you choose, but you can also rearrange if desired. With the straps in place you can utilize the stacking/interlocking design of the crates to create different shapes. The beauty of using these crates is that you are using a resource that has already been manufactured and not some specialize  product hat is bound to fall apart in a years’ time. 

Assembling the your design is simple. The straps have plastic coated metal hook end perfectly designed to hook into the many holes in the crates. Once you have your strap hooked into your design all you need to do is tighten the strap to add structural stability to the design.

Here is how you operate a ratchet strap:

Here is a video demonstrating the basic shapes you can create with the crates, any of these would need to be secured with at least one ratchet strap.



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