Reuse Your Citrus Fruits!

There are many different ways to reuse old citrus fruits around your house. These are foods that last quite a while to begin with and tend to have leftovers once they have been eaten enough times. You can use the excess of oranges, lemons, and grapefruits to calm yourself, get clear skin, and have a clean house! Some of these activities call for the rinds and others the whole fruit that just may be a little past it’s best-to-eat-by date.

Citrus fruits, mainly their peels as I said before, can be used for multiple things. Adding a calming or cooling aspect to your bath is one of them. Most people like to use essential oils in a bath to make the water softer and more relaxing. Orange or grapefruit peels add a fresh scent which tends to perk you up so use those if you are trying to rejuvenate yourself. All you have to do is fill your tub with warm water and add the peels allowing them to sit for a couple minutes. If what you’re trying to get our of your bath is a better mood than opt for lemon peels. Bathing with them helps to clears up age spots and skin discoloration, along with helping to perk you up and out of a bad mood.

Another use for citrus peels is to make a face mask. Fruit scrubs seem to be a new trend and large distributors such as Clean n’ Clear and St Ives are making a killing selling them commercially. You can easily get the same results by creating them yourself. Collect the rinds of your favorite citrus fruit and chop them up very finely. Once you have done that, add half a cup of sugar and just enough olive oil to give it the consistency of a paste. Use this mixture as your scrub and gently rub onto your face in small circular motions, rinsing with warm water. These ingredients work together in the same way as the expensive scrubs, but without all of the extra chemicals. The rinds in the homemade scrub along with the sugar will exfoliate as the oil softens and voila! Great skin!

A third way our leftover citrus fruits can help us is as a cleaning solution. Household cleaners have many chemicals and pollutants in them that you should not be breathing in as you clean with them. Next time you have a little mess on your stove top or sink, try your scraps first! Simply use half of an orange or lemon sprinkled with salt and scrub away. If you do not have a full half to use that is fine too. In that case take the rinds and combine them with salt and about a teaspoon of white vinegar. Proceed to pulse these ingredients in a blender and use a paper towel or sponge to scrub with. These are only a few of the great and easy things you can do with your fruit and vegetable scraps. Check out these websites for more you could do with different types of scraps and get reusing!

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