Beer Bottles: Fun During and After

It is pretty common knowledge that there are few things that college students love to do more than drink and drink some more. However, I am willing to bet that very few have taken the time to stop and think about all the waste that is produced in a single night of drinking. Aluminum waste from beer cans and bottle caps, glass waste from bottles of all shapes and sizes, plastic waste from mixers and solo cups.  All of these things are recyclable though at the end of a house party the instances in which the host provides specific receptacles for each drink are few and far between. I can recall many a time where I was witness to every last bit of waste from a previous night unceremoniously shoved into a single bag the morning after, soon to be thrown on the corner to be picked up by the garbage truck. You know those mornings, when your kitchen looks something like this:


Long story short, the purpose of this post will be to propose some possible new uses for a few of the wastes caused by a night of college fun and frolicking.

The first project is one that I am personally working on, and the preparation is almost as fun as the re-using. I say this because the first step is to collect beer bottle caps, and lots of them, from multiple brands of beer, preferably with the coolest designs you can find. Once you have a sizable collection these caps can be used to make one heck of a decorative table. Simply find a table to want to make bottle cap-alicious, and arrange your caps in any design you find to be appealing to the eye. Next you will need to apply a little bit of glue, just to keep them steady, and then poor a layer of clear resin over top to form the new top of the table. For those of us fortunate enough to attend Ohio University we can see these works of art at the famous Bagel Street Deli. For those not as lucky here are some examples:




These are some pretty elaborate examples, specifically the first one, but you guys get the picture. You can do the same thing with coasters if you really want. Some people make ornaments. My favorite is the tables, but be creative make some cool things.

Now that you have made some awesome tables, you are probably going to need some awesome vases for a centerpiece, or some cups to drink from while sitting around and chatting. Both of these can be obtained using the same method and a glass bottle. Liquor bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, they all work and provide multiple shapes and sizes. Personally I have never done this, but my roommate and his girlfriend did, led to a lot of pointless arguments, anyways! I like the idea and it is much better than throwing them in the trash. All you have to do is soak the string in finger nail polish, light the string on fire for about thirty seconds and drop the bottle in cold water, it should crack right off! Make sure you sand down the edges and you have a cup or a vase, depending on the size of the bottle you used. For more detailed information look here, They should end up something like this:


There you have it! A few ways to prevent the pointless throwing out of bottle caps and the bottles they come from. Being in college makes a lot of extra waste from the weekend activities, it is going to happen, but knowing a few cool things to do with this waste may ebb it a little a bit!

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