Reduce Your Waste-COMPOST


Composting is one of the easiest ways to implore the recycle method we all grew up learning to be necessary. And unlike recycling, composting has no controversy associated with it-compost is a win-win; for you and for the environment.

It is simple to see the benefits of composting for the environment–You are putting nutrients back into the ground, just like your body when you feed it nutritious foods, the environment feels better “eating” natural nutrients as well. Composted soil is more fertile than soil fed by chemical fertilizers. Also those chemicals can wash away by rainfall (sometimes into drinking water-yuck).

When organic foods are thrown into landfills into of being composted, they also do a lot of harm to the environment. Organics in landfills break down anaerobically (without oxygen) which releases methane gas into the air. This gas is 21x more harmful than CO2 emissions! When organics get buried in landfills and then combine with metals, they can produce toxic leachate which is a potential source of groundwater pollution. Again, compost keeps our water healthy and safe for drinking.

Now that you understand the why to compost..what about the who, what, where, when, and how of composting?

compost exchangeComposting in the city of Athens, Ohio recently just became easier-even for those without gardens of their own to fertilize! If you venture over to the site:, you can read all about the only Ohio EPA licensed Class ll compost facility in all of Southeast Ohio. This company has pledged its resources to helping in the Zero Waste initiative that is sweeping the city of Athens and greater areas.

While at the Compost Exchange website you can learn about the programs they offer to companies and residential areas. This service is already being utilized by organizations like the United Campus Ministry that regularly offers a multiple free weekly dinners.

This simple (and relatively cheap if you form a team!) way to reduce waste is just a click and sign up away…what are you waiting for?

Maybe you aren’t composting because you don’t live in Athens, maybe the information above wasn’t quite what you needed but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compost. You can definitely compost anywhere.

For more information check out This website has tons of tips and is up to date on all the latest compost news. You can even write the author and ask for advice. Once you’re educated on composting there really is no way to justify not doing it. Sometimes it is easier to just throw it out there and say just do it.


If you need more to read about composting check out: and or watch this video:

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