Conserve and Recycle in Housing Groups

While living with many other people you find that there are a single few who choose to recycle and although the others witness them doing this, it is hard to pick up the habit themselves. There are many easy ways to start getting people to recognize the conservation and recycling dilemmas. I live in my sorority house which has 53 young women living in it. Since the house is so large there is constantly a lot of energy and recyclable products being used. One thing that our house does possess that is helpful to the cause is timers on the lights in the staircases. Whenever we walk into the stairs the lights will turn on and proceed to turn off once it does not sense anymore motion. Next year I will live in a house of 7 girls that is fairly large. Although it is not on the same scale as a sorority house or dorm, it will still be a lot of energy and waste being used. That got me thinking about different ways I can get my roommates to participate in conserving energy and recycling.

How many of you will be living with 3 or more people your senior year of school?  If you are concerned that one or more of your roommates is capable of forgetting there are a few ways you can suggest to them to rethink their daily actions without seeming too overbearing. To help everyone conserve I suggest putting up little reminder signs by the lights switches, television, radio, and faucets. We need to be extra conscious of turning off electronics because it will be coming out of our own pockets to pay for the different bills. Sometimes I mean to turn things off and genuinely just forget as I’m in a rush so I think that the signs will be effective in catching people’s attention and helping them remember.


The next suggestion I have for helping you and roommates remember to recycle are classic recycle bins. There are typically recycle bins next to the trash cans in the classrooms and I find myself automatically throwing it in the recycle bin if it is an appropriate item. You do not have to walk further or put forth any further effort except remembering which bin to drop your trash into. I think that it would be effective to put recycle bins in the bathrooms and kitchens of a campus house because they are central locations that everyone in the house will at some point go to throw something away. If we had the option to recycle every time we needed to throw something away I think that would make a huge difference.

Those simple additions to your house or apartment could help the environment as you minimize waste. If your roommates still are not on board with the environmentally friendly plan point out how much money you can be saving on your monthly bills. Most on-campus housing has a flat rate for cable and internet prices; however gas, electric, and water are all bills based on the amount of usage. Bringing up that point should help to get their attention to help save the environment.

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