Orange Vinegar Cleaner

The cleaning products that are out in stores today tend to be highly chemically concentrated. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel very secure that these products are really healthy cleaners. I don’t like the idea of my food sitting on places where these strong chemicals exist, because it just makes sense that they would get in or on the food I eat. In fact, I just decided to pull out a bottle of Lysol Disinfectant to check out what’s in it. Actually, the first thing I noticed was the First Aid warnings: “If in eyes, call a Poison Control Center or doctor for treatment advice.” I cannot seem to find the ingredients section but again noticed something that struck me. The bottle states: “Precautionary Statements: hazards to humans and domestic animals.” So I’m still asking myself, why am I using something that has a warning for humans but is intended to keep my home and me healthy and clean? I just noticed that on the front of the bottle the ingredients are listed: “Lactic Acid 3.2% Other Ingredients 96.8%.” I’m wondering: what are the “Other Ingredients”?

Buying the cleaning products in stores is in no way helping us cut down on our consumer footprint. We should, rather, work on finding ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Making your own orange vinegar cleaner helps you do all three! You recycle a bottle, you reuse when using the orange peals, and you reduce because you’re not constantly buying the hazardous chemical products. This cleaner is not only ‘green’ but also simple and inexpensive.


Here is all you have to do:

Gather the following materials:

Two orange peels

One 16-ounce jar

White vinegar

Follow these directions:

You will want to take the peels and put them in the jar.

Soak the peels with vinegar.

Seal the jar tightly and place out of the way for 2 weeks.

Drain the vinegar out of the jar, leaving out the peels.

Put drained vinegar into an old spray bottle.

Use and enjoy the fresh, naturally clean scent.

The cleaner will not rot because the vinegar will pickle the peels.



Change the ratio so that you pour half water, half vinegar over the orange peels.

Try adding cloves or even rosemary to the mixture.

Experiment scents by testing different fruits. For example, try using lemon peels.

This is my first time trying this cleaning product! I’m optimistic that in a few weeks I can test the solution. Overall, I found it simple to gather the materials, most of which were just sitting around the house. I hope you enjoy and try this cleaning solution.

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