Milk Jugs Transformed

Almost weekly, my six roommates and I will go through about 3 gallons of milk.  Because most of the milk bought in the house comes in plastic containers, our personal waste becomes more apparent when the majority of the space in our recycling bin is being taken over by large, gallon size plastic containers.  While putting these empty jugs in the recycling bin may help in our efforts to reduce the size of the landfill, the energy needed to recycle plastics and turn them into something worth selling is also very high and may cause harm, environmentally as well as economically, in the long run.

So since we want to continue drinking milk as well as cause the least harm to the environment as we possibly can, what are our options? DIY! Creating new things from old “junk” can be one of the best ways to reduce waste as well as be rewarded with something useful in the process.  Better yet, teaching children that this is a fun thing to do will help raise a new Eco-friendly generation from the start.


These half gallon containers work great for organizing children’s art supplies by color coding each cap to match the shade of pencils, markers, or crayons being stored.  The blank canvas also gives the child a chance express creativity through decorating their personal jug.

Don’t need to organize art supplies? These altered milk jugs may also be used to organize anything from make up and accessories to the kids’ smaller toys to avoid clutter in the play room.

Milk jug transformations are not only useful for fun crafts with kids; but adults can have a little fun as well.  For those who enjoy gardening but have limited access to land, milk containers can help create a mini-indoor garden! In the picture below, the gardening rack can be used indoors and out, depending on your personal living situation. This space-saving “garden” is perfect for growing bok choy, herbs, and other short-rooted plants.

garden+project9   A detailed description as well as a list of materials needed to start this project can be found at:

Another practical do-it-yourself milk jug project can be used by children going to school as well as adults going to work.  By making a few snips and folds in a clean, used gallon milk jug, a brand new lunch box can be born.  Now, there is no excuse to continue buying disposable plastic sandwich bags, saving you money as well as keeping plastic out of the landfill.


An important part of this project is choosing a sturdy closure.
A step by step tutorial can be found by visiting: .

For special occasions, there are a plenty of fun crafts for kids that can simultaneously help reduce your households waste!

For more fun craft ideas, visit:


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